Friday, July 9, 2010

Hyperbaric Oxygen

I am getting Hyperbaric oxygen treatments in Solvang and I can't believe the difference that I feel. I no longer have pain/pressure in my head all the time. I can even bend over and don't feel a rushing into my head. From what I have read, most Lyme patients have a pretty bad herx but I am on detox herbs from the doctor at the HBOT clinic and I feel pretty steady.

Has anyone tried hyperbaric, and if so, what was the long term results?


  1. I have not tried HBO treatments, but have been curious about them. How long have you been going for treatment? Is it everyday? How much are the treatments? So glad you are feeling better. I have read that the combination of antibiotics and HBO can be powerful in that the antibiotics travel further into the brain and are able to be more effective.

  2. Your response to this treatment sounds wonderful. I'm curious--is insurance paying for the treatment? Is it expensive? It's encouraging for all of us when someone feels better. Please keep us posted on your progress. Thanks.

  3. I am on treatment 27 and I have a lot of symptom reduction. My insurance isn't paying for it. The clinic is getting set up so that they can bill insurance in the future though.