Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Would you like to be part of a Lyme Study?


While at my physician's office last week (Dr. Green), I picked up the following announcement of a Stanford University research project on Lyme. I asked Dr. Green, "Crap or not?" , to which she replied, "I hope not. I am planning to be one of the authors." My recollection (subject to Lyme dust in brain) is that Dr. Harris has already polled many of his patients regarding their symptoms and treatments. The data collected is to be part of this Lyme study, but you may also join the study. Here is a copy of what I picked up:

Immune Responses and Symptoms in Lyme Diesase Patients and Healthy Controls
Stanford University
Are you interested in participating in a research project at Stanford University researching Lyme Disease?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sorry bout that!

I just tried a post through Word 2007 and my spacing went "flooie"! I hope you can "chase" those numbers down.


Deb’s IGeneX results positive: June 24, 2010

Hi Group,
Many of you expressed an interest in my test results when they came back. They have been at the doctor's office for a few days; the medical assistant finally gave me a call this morning along with a 10 page fax from IGeneX. Dr. Hirt is calling my case positive for Lyme; negative for co-infections.

IGeneX called yesterday and requested my authorization to run a 31 Epitope, so I "knew" yesterday that I had a positive test "lurking" out there. I was just waiting for confirmation…which for me, is really a positive thing. It beats the heck out of the MS diagnosis I received 7 years ago! (I was bitten by a deer tick on January 31, 1995 and I received 4 weeks of prophylactic Doxycycline; I did not have any follow up testing done.)

The following is a brief run down on my results. Labs drawn on June 8, 2010 @ IGeneX in Palo Alto:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Full-Wave Breathing---not an endorsement! FYI! June 26, 2010

This is NOT an endorsement! Just FYI.

Full-Wave Breathing with Andrew Utecht
The mechanics of Full-Wave Breathing are very simple, lead us back to the way we were born to breathe. This is an experiential class that will enhance any practice in which you are currently involved. Breathe in joy and discover all that is within.

If there were an easy, simple way to bring more you and health into your life, would you be interested in finding out what this might be? Would you be willing to invest time and effort in your "self" to find out? Take a deep breath, and ask your heart if this feels like a good thing.

Saturday, June 26, 1:00 pm
Fee is $50
At the home of Marcia Lee and Luccia Brillar
333 Mesquite Lane, Arroyo Grande
For directions, call Luccia at 489-8778
For more information, call Andrew at 715-281-8224

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Volunteer is in place

Hello everyone!

Sheila Jeffries has committed to being our liaison...  Thank you..

Happy summer days...  Triza

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

CD-57 Test

Here's some interesting info I found online, explaining how this test works for lyme. Does this explanation seem accurate?
Our ability to measure CD-57 counts represents a breakthrough in LB diagnosis and treatment. Chronic LB infections are known to suppress the immune system and can decrease the quantity of the CD-57 subset of the natural killer cells. As in HIV infection, where abnormally low T-cell counts are routinely used as a marker of how active that infection is, in LB we can use the degree of decrease of the CD-57 count to indicate how active the Lyme infection is and whether, after treatment ends, a relapse is likely to occur.

I've found my way!!!

Hi Group...and Ginny,

I've finally found my way to the blog! This is my very first blog post ever in fact. (No, I don't really need a pat on the back.)

Ginny...special thanks to you for your patience. A minute ago, after I had already written to you, I checked my spam folder and I found your invitation! I don't know why all of your other email has come through fine and that one email took a left turn!

I need to do some reading before I can begin to think about a post. I have so much to learn and absorb. Thanks to Marla, I have a lot more first hand information.

Take care,

Volunteer for support group liaison?

Hi everyone! 

I've been trying to get someone to volunteer as our support group liaison contact on the CALDA website for several months - thought I had a volunteer, but that faded away.  As you know, my name and email address is the point of contact for someone looking for help/support group contact.  

If you volunteer, your name and email address (phone number optional) will be listed for the Central Coast Lyme Disease Support Group.  The traffic goes in spurts.  You'll receive an email from a person who wants information.  You'll respond and most likely talk to them on the phone once.  You'll ask if they want to be on the email support group contact list and send out a mass email to the group welcoming the new individual with their name and email address.  Ginny will most likely follow up and invite them to our great blog too. 

Interested people call me on 534-9834 and will discuss particulars of the liaison job!

Thank you..  :o)

Monday, June 14, 2010

thanks for the blog!

Thanks Ginny for setting this up. It's nice to have a "private" place for all of us to communicate.

Western blot explanation

Dr. Crist Western Blot explanation

Posting this, written by Dr C of Missouri for the benefit of everyone. This was written around 1999 or 2000. There is an updated version below. Dr. Crist did a study of over 700 patients looking at these bands and symptoms.

Please note that "equivocal" is the same thing as "IND" or "indeterminate."

Explaining Borreliosis (Lyme) Western Blot Tests

The Western blot is a type of test that is conducted for detection of borreliosis (Lyme), but is also used to test for infections other than borreliosis.Borreliosis is a more accurate name than Lyme disease for this infection. Several different Borrelia may cause a similar clinical pattern in this disease. Old Lyme is a town in Connecticut, not a disease. Borreliosis is the name that should be used. There is no universal agreement on what defines a positive Western blot.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

study finds Vitamin D supplements lack vitamin D

* Note that this study was published as an abstract and presented at a conference. These data and conclusions should be considered to be preliminary until published in a peer-reviewed journal.

SAN ANTONIO -- Multiple sclerosis (MS) patients taking over-the-counter vitamin D aren't getting what they're paying for, or what their neurologists recommend, according to a study presented here.The mean vitamin D content from 10 OTC brands was only 33% of what the label claimed, with the actual content ranging from less than 1% to 82% of the advertised level.

The study was presented at the meeting of the Joint Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers and America's Committee on Treatment and Research in Multiple Sclerosis.Vitamin D supplements are increasingly being recommended to MS patients, both for osteoporosis, which is common in the disease, and for presumed immunomodulatory actions as well, according to senior author Peter Calabresi, MD, of the Department of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "As the role of vitamin D in immune regulation in MS gains increasing focus, oral supplementation is growing," he said.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rife Frequencies for Candida/Fungus/Inflammation

Hi there...

For those who use a Rife machine or are looking for additional ways to keep candida (yeast) and fungus at bay, here are some Rife frequencies that I've used for over 4 months with good results.  A light-colored or yellowish stool and a bit of diarreha are expected.  Begin at 3-4 minutes and slowly build up to 8 -10 minutes on each frequency, once a week.

450, 465, 1550

Top off the treatment with a  5 minute # 10K for Lymph nodes.

 be well and live in beauty -  Triza

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glad To Be Here

Hello Everyone!

I'm grateful and happy to be a part of the SLO Lyme Blog...  Triza

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Detoxification Strategies

I am posting this here so people can refer to it as needed. Detox is so very important! I made some changes in the coffee enema section.

Detoxification Strategies
Be sure you have all 3 areas covered:
1. For Drainage – tissues get overloaded with toxins, keep pathways open:

Nutramedix – Burbur, Parsley
Transformation Products – K-Drain, L-Drain
Heel – Lymphomyosot
(all available at

Pekana Detox Kit by BioResources, Inc. (Apo Hepat, Renelix Itires)

2. Detox Pathways: skin, liver, lymphatic system

Detox skin: Sauna (far infrared considered best by some), Epsom salt bath, Yucca Root (detoxs ammonia)

Detox liver & colon: sarsaparilla, artichoke, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, N-A-C, Argilietz clay, wobenzym, castor oil packs, colonics, coffee enemas, and others

Lymphatic system – lymphatic massage, dry brushing, Qigong
Brain Detox – Nutramedix Pinella

3. Binders (to pull toxins out) – chlorella, zeolite, cholestryramine, activated charcoal, apple pectin, nanotech chitosan, psyllim, & others.
(King Chlorella available at

Local Colonic resource – Terrye Baker at Internal Wellness Center in Atascadero (462-2863)

By Marla Lipshin

The Coffee Retention Enema

Start by doing a quick plain water enema to rinse out the colon (distilled water is best). Make 2 cups of organic coffee (drip filter is easiest), using distilled water.

Place the cooled coffee in an enema bag. Lubricate tip with non-petroleum based lubricant (i.e. KY jelly, Vit. E, Aloe Vera).

The best position to assume when receiving the enema is “head down and rear up.” After the liquid has been inserted, roll onto your right side and hold the solution in your body for fifteen minutes before allowing the fluid to be expelled. Do not roll from side to side.

Do not be concerned if the liquid is not expelled after fifteen minutes. Simply stand up and move around as usual until you feel the urge to expel the liquid.

The coffee stimulates a nerve in your colon that runs to the liver, thereby detoxing the liver. This is why it is helpful even for people with loose bowels.

Lyme Article, accuracy and ticks in SLO County

Here is the link to article I wrote in The Tribune last week

My statistic "A recent study found one in four ticks in Poly Canyon to be carrying the Lyme bacteria" was based on something I heard at the last support group meeting. Even as I was sending the article in, I made a note to myself to get a copy of the study. The day the article came out I was questioned about the study by a guy who turned out to be a science writer for the Smithsonian magazine and the epidemiologist at Public Health. When I found the study I realized that I had misquoted it in three different ways! The study was done in 2004 on rodents in Poly canyon and four other central coast locations and found 1 in 4 rodents to be carrying the bacteria Borrellia bissettii, not B. burgdorferi. The author of the study says that the question of whether or not B. bissettii is responsible for the transmission of disease in humans is unanswered at this point.

Original study link:

I want to underscore the need to follow up on anything you hear at a support group meeting or anywhere else before you pass this info on, particularly for any sort of publication. There is so much misinformation on LD that it is incumbent on those of us trying to educate people to be very accurate with our facts.

Sheila helped me with some excellent research and was able to find an interview last month with a medical epidemiologist, Dr. Robert Lane, who along with other researchers, has been attempting to determine if B. bissetti sporadically infects people in California. They suspect it does for the reasons he mentions in his interview here :

Anyway, I wrote a correction to the paper, not sure if they will publish it yet. It was a good lesson and actually ended up educating Sheila and I about B. bissettii. We need to keep an eye on this research, because of its huge implications for LD on the central coast.

Be sure to check your facts!