Tuesday, September 21, 2010

IV antibiotic therapy Doctors in SLO county

I need to get IV therapy for my Lyme. Dr Thoring my Lyme specialist, has recommended I go to Dr Gonzales in Thousand Oaks for the order for the picc line to (hopefully) be put in here at Sierra Vista. Have any of you had a picc line IV therapy? Have any local doctors done/ordered it or am I stuck with Thousand Oaks or Palo Alto?


  1. I received an email from Teri Garcin:
    "I have info on Pic line insertion, a friend of mine is the Superintendent for French hospital emergency floor. She looked into it for me, and they have the capability there in the cardiovascular dept. however, they can only do so if the doctor is approved by the hospital. So people need to have a regular MD that is affiliated with French and willing to work with your Lymes Doctor."
    You can contact Teri at:
    Hope this helps.

  2. I went to Dr. Paul Cipriano in San Jose. It was so easy that I highly recommend it over trying to get someone locally to do it. They got my insurance to pay for it (!!!) and did it at their facility, so I didn't have to pay any hospital fees. My share of cost was a couple hundred dollars. Plus Dr. Cipriano is great!

  3. Actually, my share of cost was $2,200, still quite a bit cheaper than the cost of a local hospital plus a surgeon to put it in.

    I believe that the issue locally is that hospitals want you to have a local "treating" physician, in case anything goes wrong.

    We used Dr. Randolph Lawrence a couple of years ago to put in a port at Dr. Harris's request. I don't know if he would put in a PICC, but to get a port, you need to have your M.D. fax an order to his office and not call on your own to ask them to do it - they will say no.