Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hypercoagulation, another charming feature of Lyme disease!

Hi, I'm JoAnn....a relatively new member of SLO Lyme.  I asked Ginny if I could post today about hypercoagulation ("thick blood"), because I just recently found out that I have this problem.

Hypercoagulation is actually very, very common in people who have Lyme disease.  I read an article where one Lyme doctor actually said that 90% of his Lyme patients tested positive for thick blood.  Apparently it's one of the many clever tactics that the spirochetes use to avoid Lyme treatments....they increase the various clotting factor levels (fibrinogen, fibrin, thrombin/antithrombin complexes, fragment 1+2, and Factor II (prothrombin) activity) in your blood and this creates little clumps of fibrin that cling to the walls of blood vessels.  The bacteria use these fibrin nests to hide in....this helps them survive.

Of course, hypercoagulation can lead to many other serious health problems, even strokes.  So not only are the spirochetes better able to fight back against your Lyme meds when you have "thick blood", but they are even putting your life in danger!

I have a few questions for the members of our group: (1) How many of you have heard of hypercoagulation (in connection with Lyme disease) before?  (2) How many of you have been tested by your LLMDs or other doctors for hypercoagulation?  (3) If you were tested, did your doctors use the Hemex Labs tests (hereditary hypercoagulation and the ISAC panel)?

If you're interested, I've recently created my own Lyme disease blog and I wrote a post about this issue, here.  My LLMD has now put me on heparin injections (5000 units/1cc) twice a day, subcutaneously.


But I'd rather inject myself with heparin twice a day than have a stroke....wouldn't you?  :)


  1. Hi JoAnn,

    Thank you for your article. I also tested high on a Fibrogin panel test several months ago, and my LLMD has had me on Nattokinase ever since

    After I'd been on the Natto for 2 months, I actually had an increase of herx reactions because my blood flow/circullation had increased, and wasn't as sluggish. I feel better, and am anxious to re-test in a couple of months to see positive results.

    Be well... Triza

  2. Hi Joann,

    Thanks for this important information. I, too, have this problem and I'm doing the Heparin shots twice a day. My tummy looks a lot more bruised than yours - what's your secret?

    I also take Lumbrokinase for this. The doc recommended Bolouke, a form of lumbrokinase, but it is sooo expensive that I decided to take the Lumbrokinase by Allergy Resources instead.

    We did discuss this at our last meeting and one other person was doing injections as well.

    Thanks again,

  3. Hi Joann,

    Great blog. I saw your post about Erythromelalgia and I too have erythromelalgia. It started two years into my illness. Ii agree that it is underreported. I know 2 other people that have it (and Lyme disease) and live in my town. I'm sorry you are going through so much. I hope your journey includes improvement in the near future.

  4. Hi Joann,

    Yes, I tested positive for all four coagulation factors (not with Hemex) and went on injectable heparin. After a bad reaction, changed to injectable Lovenox for many months. Now I'm off Lovenox, finally, and the brain works better (it's all relative; it took me about 10 minutes to remember the name 'Lovenox'...ugh!) now that the "sticky stuff" is gone (that's my LLMD's medical language).

    -- Regina