Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Detoxification Strategies

I am posting this here so people can refer to it as needed. Detox is so very important! I made some changes in the coffee enema section.

Detoxification Strategies
Be sure you have all 3 areas covered:
1. For Drainage – tissues get overloaded with toxins, keep pathways open:

Nutramedix – Burbur, Parsley
Transformation Products – K-Drain, L-Drain
Heel – Lymphomyosot
(all available at

Pekana Detox Kit by BioResources, Inc. (Apo Hepat, Renelix Itires)

2. Detox Pathways: skin, liver, lymphatic system

Detox skin: Sauna (far infrared considered best by some), Epsom salt bath, Yucca Root (detoxs ammonia)

Detox liver & colon: sarsaparilla, artichoke, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Glutathione, N-A-C, Argilietz clay, wobenzym, castor oil packs, colonics, coffee enemas, and others

Lymphatic system – lymphatic massage, dry brushing, Qigong
Brain Detox – Nutramedix Pinella

3. Binders (to pull toxins out) – chlorella, zeolite, cholestryramine, activated charcoal, apple pectin, nanotech chitosan, psyllim, & others.
(King Chlorella available at

Local Colonic resource – Terrye Baker at Internal Wellness Center in Atascadero (462-2863)

By Marla Lipshin

The Coffee Retention Enema

Start by doing a quick plain water enema to rinse out the colon (distilled water is best). Make 2 cups of organic coffee (drip filter is easiest), using distilled water.

Place the cooled coffee in an enema bag. Lubricate tip with non-petroleum based lubricant (i.e. KY jelly, Vit. E, Aloe Vera).

The best position to assume when receiving the enema is “head down and rear up.” After the liquid has been inserted, roll onto your right side and hold the solution in your body for fifteen minutes before allowing the fluid to be expelled. Do not roll from side to side.

Do not be concerned if the liquid is not expelled after fifteen minutes. Simply stand up and move around as usual until you feel the urge to expel the liquid.

The coffee stimulates a nerve in your colon that runs to the liver, thereby detoxing the liver. This is why it is helpful even for people with loose bowels.

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