Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Volunteer for support group liaison?

Hi everyone! 

I've been trying to get someone to volunteer as our support group liaison contact on the CALDA website for several months - thought I had a volunteer, but that faded away.  As you know, my name and email address is the point of contact for someone looking for help/support group contact.  

If you volunteer, your name and email address (phone number optional) will be listed for the Central Coast Lyme Disease Support Group.  The traffic goes in spurts.  You'll receive an email from a person who wants information.  You'll respond and most likely talk to them on the phone once.  You'll ask if they want to be on the email support group contact list and send out a mass email to the group welcoming the new individual with their name and email address.  Ginny will most likely follow up and invite them to our great blog too. 

Interested people call me on 534-9834 and will discuss particulars of the liaison job!

Thank you..  :o)

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