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Full-Wave Breathing---not an endorsement! FYI! June 26, 2010

This is NOT an endorsement! Just FYI.

Full-Wave Breathing with Andrew Utecht
The mechanics of Full-Wave Breathing are very simple, lead us back to the way we were born to breathe. This is an experiential class that will enhance any practice in which you are currently involved. Breathe in joy and discover all that is within.

If there were an easy, simple way to bring more you and health into your life, would you be interested in finding out what this might be? Would you be willing to invest time and effort in your "self" to find out? Take a deep breath, and ask your heart if this feels like a good thing.

Saturday, June 26, 1:00 pm
Fee is $50
At the home of Marcia Lee and Luccia Brillar
333 Mesquite Lane, Arroyo Grande
For directions, call Luccia at 489-8778
For more information, call Andrew at 715-281-8224

Andrew Utecht's Story
At age 17, I became very ill. After a year of searching, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. After working with the standard medical system and treated with massive amounts of antibiotics, I was still as sick as I was at the beginning. A friend of mine who was also very ill introduced me to an alternative doctor who was helping her get well. He helped me immensely but I wasn't all the way back to me. I cried out to the universe one night, please I just want to be well, I will do whatever it takes! The next day my friend John a fellow Lyme sufferer at the time, called me on the phone and said he had some exciting news, he had learned a breathing technique that he wanted me to try that had been helping him immensely. I felt skeptical at first but inside I was compelled to try it and I am so glad that I did.

Through working with the full-wave breathing process, I found that it was ok to express feelings, and to release my judgments. A I continued to do the breathing, physical symptoms just kept disappearing. I had found that my need to control everything in my life was only leading to an unhappy resentful me. If I find myself having a bad day I take a break from what I am doing and go breathe. It brings me right back home. I now allow myself to take my rightful place in this world. I have found health, happiness, joy and the permission to fully love myself.
Full-Wave breathing was developed by Dr. Tom Good, founder of the International Breath Institute. Additional information can be found at:

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