Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Would you like to be part of a Lyme Study?


While at my physician's office last week (Dr. Green), I picked up the following announcement of a Stanford University research project on Lyme. I asked Dr. Green, "Crap or not?" , to which she replied, "I hope not. I am planning to be one of the authors." My recollection (subject to Lyme dust in brain) is that Dr. Harris has already polled many of his patients regarding their symptoms and treatments. The data collected is to be part of this Lyme study, but you may also join the study. Here is a copy of what I picked up:

Immune Responses and Symptoms in Lyme Diesase Patients and Healthy Controls
Stanford University
Are you interested in participating in a research project at Stanford University researching Lyme Disease?

You can be included in this important research if you:
• Have been diagnosed with Lyme disease
• Are an adult aged 21 or older
• Speak and read English
• Have never been homeless
• Have not taken antibiotics for a period lasting at least 2 years or longer
• Allow for your medical record to be reviewed within this provider's office for diagnoses and lab results

This study will evaluate and compare the sensitivity of various Lyme disease tests to their clinical diagnoses and test results of persons who are healthy and have never been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Participants will have their blood drawn for diagnostic tests used for Lyme disease. Following this, they will complete questionnaires related to quality of life, demographics, distress, medical symptoms and treatment, coping and pain during a one-time 2 to 3 hour visit at Stanford University.

By participating in this study you will:
• Contribute valuable information that may benefit adults living with Lyme disease
• Receive a one-time $50 payment

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting study, please contact:
Lila Castillo, Project Coordinator, 650-725-5590 or
Alex Aylward, Project Coordinator, 650-721-6115
Cheryl Koopman, Principal Investigator

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